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Applied Statistical Techniques in SAS

Proc SQL – SAS

SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”. It’s a language created for interacting with relational databases. SAS implements a version of this inside proc sql. This allows us to leverage the power of SQL to solve our problems. proc sql; create table out.projdata2 as select a,b,c,d, /* vars from source */ a^2 as aa, /* New […]

Data Processing in SAS

Libraries Libraries are directories where your datasets are stored. It is a good idea to declare a local library where you want store the dataset after you’re done processing it. They can be declared with the libname function. Here i declare the library out. Any datasets stored in this library can be accessed by preceding […]

Multiple Linear Regression (SAS)

In this tutorial, we will be attempting linear regression and variable selection using the cirrhosis dataset. We attempt to predict incidence of cirrhosis on a population using a few descriptor variables from that population. The variables we have are: urbanpop – The size of the urban population lowbirth – the reciprocal of the number of […]

Simple Linear Regression (SAS)

In this tutorial we will conduct simple linear regression on a dataset on an example dataset. In the dataset there are 62 individuals, and we will be regressing brain weight over body weight. As stated before, in simple linear regression we are trying to find a linear relationship between the dependent and independent variable, that […]

Tutorial Papers Library (SAS)

Quick Results with PROC SQL (WUSS 2013) What’s Hot, What’s Not – Skills for SAS® Professionals (SAS Talks 2013) SAS® Programming Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Programmers (V1, 30-minutes) Point and Click Programming Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® (NESUG 2013) Hands-On SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques (SCSUG 2013) Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® […]