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Ensemble methods combine multiple classifiers into a single output. Some ensemble methods may combine different types of classifiers, but the ones we will focus on here combine multiple iterations of the same type of classifier. These methods belong to a family of ensemble methods called “Perturb and Combine”. Perturb and Combine Some methods of classification […]

R – Functions

Functions are methods of isolating tasks so that they can be repetitively applied. They follow a basic structure. The Name of the function is the unique identifier of that function. Within R, we can create functions named whatever we want Inputs are variables passed into a function. We can pass any number of variables we […]

R – Loops

A loop is a method of repeating the same action over and over. We will separate loops into 2 types: For loops, and While loops. For Loops are used to iterate between bounds. We declare them with an iterator variable, similar to mathematical notation (sums, products, etc.) In fact, we can set the bounds of […]

R – Variables

R is a powerful and free statistical programming language. It runs on a wide variety of operating systems and architectures, and has a huge wealth of plugins made possible by its free nature and simple language structure. New ideas can be prototyped and pushed out very quickly, resulting in R always being on the forefront […]