Applied R

In all these tutorials, I will be packing R code within code blocks. For the most part, I will not be printing out the results of the R code, and expect you to follow along with me by copying and pasting the code into R, observing the results, and reading my commentary.

Programming in R

  • R Environment – Explanation of the strengths of R, Download Links, and Suggested complementary programs
  • Variables in R – Variable types, how to declare and manipulate them
  • Loops in R – Loops, how to define them, how to create boundaries and use iterators
  • Functions in R – Functions, how to declare them, pass data to them and get data out

Data Preparation in R

  • Adult Dataset – Example dataset for classification. Using demographic variables, attempt to predict if income is greater than 50k

Linear Regression Methods in R

Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods in R

Publishing in R