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Multiple Linear Regression (R)

In this tutorial, we are going to be walking through multiple linear regression, and we are going to recognize that it’s not a lot different than simple linear regression. The model in multiple linear regression looks similar to that in simple regression. We’re adding more coefficients to modify the additional independent variables.     We […]

Simple Linear Regression (R)

In this tutorial we will conduct simple linear regression on a dataset on an example dataset. In the dataset there are 62 individuals, and we will be regressing brain weight over body weight. As stated before, in simple linear regression we are trying to find a linear relationship between the dependent and independent variable, that […]

Rstudio, Sweave, and LaTeX

(pronounced Lay-tech, the X is supposed to be a capital ) is a typesetting environment used to generate a professional looking output, and automate some of the more tedious tasks of writing a paper. It is the de-facto standard for writing scientific papers, and it is a good idea to learn it if you intend […]

R Environment

R is one of the more commonly used statistical analysis software. The ease with which methods can be prototyped and brought to production makes it very popular for research. The fact that it is open source, and free to use also contributes to its appeal. The official manual for R is available here. I recommend […]