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The theoretical background for the applied techniques.

Classification Systems

Statistical classification involves the use of various methods and metrics to discriminate outcome variables into their correct groups using input variables. The algorithms used to do this are called classification systems, or classifiers. There are various metrics we use to gauge the performance of our classification systems. If we are referring exclusively to binary outputs, […]

Multiple Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) allows us to find a linear relationship between multiple input variables and a single dependent output variable. This tutorial is going to be given in matrix notation. For more on matrix notation, including the rules of matrix multiplication, I suggest visiting the wikipedia page on the subject here. We are again […]

Simple Linear Regression

Simple linear regression seeks to find a linear relationship between two variables; the independent ‘predictor’ variable, and the dependent ‘outcome’ variable. We represent this linear relationship with a line, the slope of which allows us to make inferences as to the nature of the relationship. I.e., for every unit change in the predictor variable, the […]